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Registered users of Able Baker 3 can install and run the Able Baker 4 evaluation without affecting their existing AB3 installation. However, the two programs should not be run simultaneously.

Please note that Able Baker 4 will not accept your existing Able Baker 3 key-code: an upgrade key-code will have to be purchased if you wish to use Able Baker 4 beyond the 90-day evaluation period. Please contact your original point of sale for upgrade pricing.

Before using an existing AB3 database with AB4, it is recommended that you first make a backup of the database from within AB3, as changes will be made to the database within AB4.

To make an existing AB3 database available for selection within AB4, you will need to close AB3 and then use the "Pick-Up Database" function in "Database Settings" in AB4.

For improved robustness, AB4 applies additional constraints to the Product List. When you first attempt to open an AB3 database within AB4, the following changes will be made automatically:

  1. A backup will be made of the database in it's current state, within the AB4 backup-store.
  2. Any Product Codes found in existing orders but which are no longer found in the Product List will be reinstated, with dummy names and marked as "unavailable".
  3. Any Product Codes found to contain spaces will have the spaces removed: if this change results in a clash with an existing Product Code, an additional digit will be added to make the code unique.
  4. Constraints will be applied to the Product List such that a Product Code cannot be changed or deleted from the Product List while it exists in a Permanent Order, an Actual Order or an Invoice.

Archaic products can be removed from the current Product List once any orders or invoices containing them have been removed from the database by use of the "Archive Transactions" function.

Product codes can be changed by use of the "Change Product Code" function, on the "Products" tab within "System Tools" - such changes are reflected in all orders, invoices and price lists, as well as on the Product List.

New features introduced in Able Baker 4 include:-