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Able Baker is an application created to meet the specific needs of the professional baker and has evolved through daily use since 2001.

The application handles daily tasks such as maintaining customer orders, calculating production sheets, generating product/customer arrays, delivery notes, product labels, manifests and delivery rounds. Invoices can be produced on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Multiple price-lists are supported, as are delivery rates and sales tax (VAT or GST) when applicable.

Able Baker can support multiple networked users, with a built-in server-engine for client-server access (requires Network Edition licence).

The program is accompanied by a detailed user-guide and beginner’s tutorial.


Click here for a screen shot.


Click here to download a brochure as a PDF file.


Able Baker 4 is free to download and evaluate. After a 90 day evaluation period, it is necessary to register and purchase a key-code to continue to use the program.

Download Able Baker 4 Setup File (version, updated 14th April, 2019)

N.B. If you are updating an existing Able Baker network, please update the server installation before the client installations: mixing versions can cause errors.


Registered users of Able Baker 4 can download the current evaluation version and install it over their previous installation to update.

Users of Able Baker 3, please see here.


For sales in Australia, please contact our international sales partner Foxware.

Otherwise, please contact us.


PC compatible running Microsoft Windows XP or later.
Please take advantage of the free evaluation period to ensure that Able Baker performs satisfactorily on your system.

Previous versions

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Download latest version (14/4/2019)


Download latest version